Practice Areas and Rates

Accepting Clients in the following areas:

  •  ​Family Law, including (but not limited to)
    • Dissolution of Marriage , Establishment of Paternity, Parental Responsibilities, Time Share, and Child Support; Issues involving Enforcement and Contempt relative to prior Court Orders, Adoption
  •  Guardian ad Litem
  • Estate Planning


The first  step assisting the client is an in-depth  consultation to gather the facts, issues,  concerns, and goals the client has as well.     At times a second or even third consultation may be necessary after research has been performed to fully assess all the pros and cons challenging the client so they can make an informed decision proceeding.  This in-depth consultation also provides a full discussion relative to the potential costs involved .  Depending on the type of matter, this office offers both hourly rate charges (as set forth below) and offers flat fee pricing.   Our goal is full disclosure of all fees.   Additionally, Guardian ad Litem assignments are accepted on sliding scale rates based on the parent's income and ability to pay.

 Consultations:  Free 

Attorney Hourly Rate:   $250.00

 Paralegal Hourly Rate:  $125.00  

Legal Assistant's Hourly Rate:  $ 20.00

Additionally, we work hard instituting policies to keep administrative costs down and pass the savings on to our clients.   Some of our savings policies include our Go Green policy, our Cloud filing system,  duplexing all documents, on-site mediation conference rooms (to reduce attorney travel time), our postage policy, and strong commitment to our recycling and reusing policies.

* Disclaimer:   This office reserves the right  to charge for any additional consultation over 60 minutes .

                               This office reserves the right to charge different hourly rates than those set forth above based on the complexity of the case, facts,  issues, which would be fully discussed

                              and disclosed with the client.


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